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This has been another name for telehouse since 2001. With the development of a completely new data centre, we will soon become a company with the biggest data centre in the Czech Republic and one of the biggest data centres in Central and Eastern Europe. What we cherish the most is our complete and unconditional neutrality. As one of the very few Carrier Neutral providers, we do not compete with our customers at any respect. TTC TELEPORT is regarded as a leading name in the field of technology and education. Our company is renowned for our open approach towards the customers.



TTC TELEPORT has existed as a brand on the colocation service market since 2001. Colocation data centres or telehouses were originally provided by TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE, Ltd. , a company focused on the research and production of telecommunication devices.

An independent company TTC TELEPORT, Ltd., was founded on 1st October, 2012 by splitting off TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE, Ltd.

The company is part of TTC HOLDING.


Carrier Neutral – the key advantage of TTC TELEPORT data centre is its independence from carriers and providers of telecommunication services.

Professional Approach – a great advantage of our company is our highly-qualified staff with many years’ experience in the field of data centre operation. Our professional work is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 Standards.

We are the biggest colocation service providers in the Czech Republic. Approximately 60% of all Czech internet traffic originates in our data centre. We also host companies that provide their services on a worldwide scale.

TTC TELEPORT data centres are built on fiber routes directed from Prague to the whole world. You can be provided with telecommunication services from all the leading telecommunication operators in TTC TELEPORT data centres.

TTC TELEPORT stresses individual approach to any customer. Each customer chooses what level of service quality or technical environment best suits their technology.

TTC TELEPORT does not compete with its customers. We do everything we can to avoid doing the same as our clients.

Strategy – data center neutrality

The key advantage of TTC TELEPORT data centres is their neutrality and independence from operators and telecommunication services in the data centre.

TTC TELEPORT therefore provides solely housing and services necessarily associated with housing. However, we are ready to help the customers find available providers of other services.

In our data centres, the customers themselves choose the telecommunication provider, data or other services according to their own criteria, completely independently of TTC TELEPORT.

Strategy - developing and providing turnkey services

Our technical solutions are always the result of direct cooperation with the customer.

There are many different service options available for our customers. You might choose:

  • the type and make of data centre racks which will hold your equipment
  • individual power density for each rack
  • the type of power supply and the number of feeds and their protection
  • the possibility of closed hot or cold aisle (HD zone), individual temperature for each cold aisle
  • secured access to each customer hall (i.e. biometric scanner)
  • the level of physical security of your equipment (i.e. Restricted, Confidential or Secret Level)
  • a personalised approach to monitored values
  • a guaranteed service level (SLA type)
  • the parameters of Long-Hands Service etc.

Each customer can always choose the technical parameters of the provided service.

transparent business model of the colocation service

The price for colocation services (space rental) usually consists of:

  • Non-recurring (installation) fee
  • Monthly recurring fee for rack position (fixed fee)
  • Monthly fee for the actually used/monitored electrical energy (variable fee)

The mathematical equation for calculating the variable fee is as follows:

Charged price for 1 kWh [CZK] = buying price for 1 kWh provider [CZK] * PUE

The coefficient PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is an indicator expressing the effectiveness of a data centre. It is the ratio of overall energy usage of a data centre and the energy used by the customer’s technology.

We believe the above explained business model with payment according to the actual usage of electrical energy is the most transparent and thus the only one that is fair to our customers.

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Rackhousing service

Is about rackspace, the position for your rack or the whole hall in the technological space of a data centre built solely for this purpose. The service is known as colocation or housing. The main part of the service is the supply of highly standardized secured space for customers’ racks, the supply of back-up electrical energy, the supply of back-up cooling and the 24/7 monitoring of the provided environment of the data centre. The security of data centres also includes Electronic Fire Protection System, Fire Suppression System, Electronic Access System and CCTV System.

Cross-Connect service

Is about building the data interconnection between different customers inside the data center. Optical or metallic connection is built according to the customer’s requirements. The service is charged by a single fee with no further recurring payments.
The second variant of the service covers customer’s needs to build greater fiber or copper cabling within their rack or hall.
This project oriented variant allows a customer to spread the costs according to his needs.

Long-Hands service

Is about providing additional maintenance at the customer’s request. The service might include:

  • The installation, configuration and labelling of customer’s equipment
  • Moving equipment inside the customer’s rack space
  • Equipment restart
  • Regular replacement of back-up media
  • Data cables in a rack including testing
  • Checking and optimizing cooling inside each rack

Office and storage facility rental service

Is about renting space inside or nearby the data centre. In our DC2 facility in Sazečská Street, we offer standard office space or highly secured space – Restricted or Confidential – according to Czech National Security Authority classification. We also offer the possibility to rent a conference room in our DC2 facility.

Monitoring service

Our customers can view in real time the measured operation values concerning non-IT technologies (i.e. information regarding temperature, humidity of environment, current power usage, UPS system load and capacity, signaling for each opened rack door etc.). The customers can choose from up to 100.000 different operation values. The application demo is available upon request.

Waste disposal service

Many customers have to deal with a great amount of waste when installing their new equipment. This service allows them to dispose of the waste ecologically. TTC TELEPORT provides disposal of all material, i.e. paper, metal, glass, and mixed waste. It is also possible to discard whole HW devices, old used HDD, disks, CD-DVD disks, servers etc.

Installation material purchase service

This service allows a customer to purchase small material directly in the data center.
Following material is available on the stock as a standard:

  • Cable ties and Velcro
  • Copper Patch Cords (RJ45 Cat.5E, Cat.6)
  • Power cables of different lengths
  • Rack mounting kit M6
  • RJ45 Cat.6 connectors and keystones
  • UTP cable Cat.5e and Cat.6 in the piece

Security As A Service – SAAS

This service provides threat detection and protection of network traffic (detection of DDoS attacks, firewalling, etc). It is in 24/7 operation including firewall rules reconfiguration.
The service is provided directly in the data center by certified partners of TTC TELEPORT.

Data centers

TTC TELEPORT, Ltd., owns two data centers in Prague. DC1 in Tiskařská Street has been operational since 2001 and has been continually extended. DC2 in Sazečská Street is operational since November 1st 2015. DC2 is the biggest and most modern data center in Middle and Eastern Europe and it meets the highest standards. Along with the construction of the center, we are upgrading our certificate to Uptime Institute TIER III.

We have many years’ experience with development and operation of DC1, which has served as a good foundation for the designing and construction of DC2. Our specialists who participated in the development of the center are one of the most experienced in this field.

TTC TELEPORT provides, as the first and only company on the market, processing environment that meets the standard ASHRAE TC 9.9 – 2011 Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments which gives our customers enough flexibility in optimizing operating costs.

More than one million operating and security signals per second are being monitored and evaluated on-line in our data centers. These operating values provide overall information regarding the condition of technological equipment in the data center. A sophisticated monitoring system is being continually developed in order to meet our customers’ requests, new experience and news concerning data centers operation.

TTC TELEPORT has developed and operates a back-up (redundant) optical infrastructure between DC1 and DC2. This infrastructure serves not only to the customers of the data centers but it is also part of the backbone optical wiring of prominent telecommunication service providers operating on the local, European and world market. Our philosophy of neutrality includes also the accessibility to all our data centers for all telecommunication operators. We accept any subject that asks for an installation of telecommunication cables into a TTC TELEPORT data centers.

Both our data centers are powered by two independent power feeds, 2 x 10MW (22kV) that are supplied from two independent 110kV substations Malešice and Měcholupy to achieve a smooth high-standard supply of power with no blackouts. DC1 and DC2 are the only data centers in the Czech Republic that have their own independent MV power switch station and reserved 10MW feeds. There is not and will never be any other subscriber connected to the two main electrical feeds (10MW).

Data Center DC1


The facility with an area of 2500 m2 is a two-storey reinforced concrete building with offices and warehouses. The area of customer halls is 1600 m2 in eight data rooms.

MV Power

Independent power feeds, 2x 10MW 22kV, a back-up consisting of four diesel aggregates of 5.4 MVA performance in N+1 configuration.

LV Power

DC1 has four independent energy substations. Each of them has features in accordance with Uptime Institute (N+1 configuration).


Is designed according to the Uptime Institute standards, which means that on the side of the cooling plant it is in a minimum configuration of N+1 and on the side of the cooling distribution it is in a minimum configuration of N+1.


We use an advanced Fire Protection System, Fire Suppression System, CCTV System and Access Control System.


Data Center DC2


The DC2 facility with an area of 8000 m2 consists of a two-storey reinforced concrete building serving as a data centre and an additional four-storey administrative building. The customers’ area reaches 4000 m2.

MV Power

Independent power feeds 2x 10MW 22kV (with its own substation), back-up consisting of nine diesel aggregates of 14 MVA performance in N+1 configuration including central fuel management of the volume of more than 25 000 l.

LV Power

DC2 has nine independent energy substations. Each of them has features according to Uptime Institute (N+1 configuration). Customers’ racks can be powered according to TIER III or TIER IV Standards.

All supporting systems are backed-up by separate non-IT UPS sources (i.e. cooling, security, MaR – Measuring and Regulation etc.) .


We provide cooling by the TIER III Standard which means that on the side of the cooling plant there is configuration of N+1 and on the side of the cooling distribution there is a minimum configuration of N+1. The central water/glycol cooling plant consists of 8+1 dry coolers and 8+1 chillers. The cooling medium is distributed through double piping and a Victaulic type pipe joining system. All the components of the cooling system are redundant and powered by two independent power sources.

Heat Exchangers

The administrative part of the data centre uses the heat waste from the customer and technological halls.


The customer halls (the walls are built as BT3 according to Czech National Security Authority categorization) are not part of the outside wall of the facility and there are only racks and cooling units in the halls. Other technologies such as Fire Alarm System, Fire Protection Equipment, CCTV System, Electronic Security System, Monitoring, Monitoring and Regulation and Access Control System are placed outside the customer halls for security reasons.


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Company address

Tiskařská 257/10
108 00 Praha 10

IČ: 242 71 705
DIČ: CZ24271705
Bank account: 39800101 / 0100


Executives: Radek Majer
Ing. Martin Sobota
Chief Executive Officer: Radek Majer
Sales director: Ing. Jaroslav Beneš
Operating director: Jiří Vaja
Development director: Ing. Zdeněk Píbr


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